The Hands-On

We are happy to help out our clients with hands on organization. Our rates start at $70.00 per hour.   Please call us at 215 589 4586 to check availability. Or visit our Contact us page on our website.

The Swift Organization Package is perfect for those who just need one or two rooms done. Or to organize for an event, or family gathering or a fiesta. All of our services include donating and hauling away unwanted items. (Excluded is large furniture and appliances etc.)
The Potent (15 Hrs.)

The Potent Plan is great for organizing 2-3 rooms, such as a closet, master bedroom, guest rooms, or kids playroom.  Or a garage project and storage unit.

The Gladiator (24 Hrs.)

Some jobs are just tough. The Gladiator Package is our most popular package. This package includes 3 days of decluttering, sorting, and purging an agreed upon project scope.  Easy to follow systems are also put into place, to save you time, stress, and when you go about your daily life.

Virtual Phone Organizing Sessions

Virtual phone organizing sessions are a great option for those on a tight budget. These clients hire me to consult with them, hourly, or for a long as they need. Virtual organizing also works well if you have booked a hands-on organizing session but have to wait a few weeks and want to jump start the organizing process in advance, or we have finished one of your organizing projects at your home and you want to continue to work on other projects virtually. Another great advantage is that it often only involves a commitment of 1 hour. Even for the most time-crunched individuals, squeezing in 1 hour is manageable, especially if getting organized is a priority and the clutter and chaos are out of control!

Payment Expectations

50% deposit is due prior to first appointment. Balance of payment is due at first appointment. Packages are non-refundable and expire after one (1) year. Invoices will be provided upon request. Payments may be made with cash, check or credit card. The hourly rate will be charged for research and shopping for organizing products. Discounts from vendors will be passed along to the client to be reimbursed at cost.

Cancellation Policy

I kindly request a 48 hours’ notice for all cancellations. Cancellation fees will be charged if you cancel in less than 48 hours. If you have questions or need to cancel, please call us at 215-589-4586.

Getting your organization needs under control begins with reaching out to Domestic Concepts. We will take it from there. Please call 215-589-4586