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Swift Organization Pkg: 10 Hrs.

The Swift Organization 10 hr Pkg. is perfect for  1 or 2 days of work around the house or to organize an event.

Home Organization: 

Pick a room, any room. If you are like most people, you could find at least one place that can use some organizational TLC. You can spend the hours any way you like, and that can look a bunch of different ways. Whether it’s hands-on get it done, or mental and logistical approach to getting ready to be ready, you have options. 

With a Swift package, we can do a whirlwind general decluttering of your home’s hotspots, or we can get more specific in targeting one or two rooms. We can spend time on storage systems, and go shopping for shelves and bins. We can focus on your clothes closet, including managing a sell/keep/give away session. We can do a combination of approaches. You have options. 

Some customers use a 10 hour Swift Organizer package as a consultation opportunity to discuss the larger organizational goals you have for your entire household, so you decide the next level next steps to execute on that plan. Depending upon your situation, and your personality when it comes to planning, it can really be nice to know the larger roadmap before you start. Creating that organizational plan when you are calm and collected (before the action heats up) can really be a satisfying touchstone.  

Here are some helpful hints on what we can do together in your home: 

  • Create your Master Organization Plan 
  • Execute a whole house fast sweep of your clutter hotspots 
  • Charge through a single room mid-level organization campaign 
  • Do a single small project deep dive, like a entry way or butler’s galley  
  • Any combination of the above, as we both think is smart to prioritize 

Office Organization: 

Are you at your wit’s end on the piles of papers in your office? Are you needing to finally get a handle on an office organization system for end of quarter tax filing of documents, receipts, and more? Or, maybe you are just looking for a fresh reset that helps you to better concentrate and be productive in your business? Even though it might not seem like a lot, 10 hours with a professional organizer can really lift the situation to a place that will make a real impact to your bottom line! 

What can we get knocked out in a Swift office organization session?  Here are some ideas: 

  • File away relevant office papers 
  • Organize and clear your desktop 
  • Declutter and streamline your office supplies 
  • Strategize an ongoing system to keep it clean once we get it clean 
  • Select and plan for shelving and storage solutions 
  • Rearrange your floor plan to assist you in better work flow 

Event Preparation: 

Holidays and vacations can include visiting relatives and friends. It’s always great to see them, but are you ready? Is that guest bedroom and bath up to the challenge? If not, taking a few hours to get ready could really put your mind at ease, and what a way to show you much you care, right?  

What kind of things might we get accomplished in 10 hours? Of course, it depends on our starting point, but here are some examples of tasks that could get completed: 

For guests coming to visit: 

  • Closets: We can cull down the excess items to free up some room for your guests to hang their personal items.  
  • Dressers: Your guests probably want some space to hide away their unmentionables, socks, other “stuff”. Having a few drawers empty and available is a very kind way to show them how glad you are that they are there visiting 
  • Bathrooms: Nothing says “I love you and I am glad you are here” as nicely as fresh towels, clean linens, hotel style toiletries, and clear counter tops.  Making room for that and making sure it’s organized and ready to go is a great way to use some of your Swift package hours 

For holiday/seasonal decorating: 

  • Guests coming for the holidays? Time to take down the decorations from the attic or garage storage and get ready to decorate!  
  • Decorate all year? We can properly store and put away the outgoing seasonal items too 
  • Yes to all of the above? We can create a system to make it easy and fun,  so every holiday from here on out just gets better and better! 

For party prep:  

  • Last minute clutter busting:  If you’re not quite where you want to be on organizing your house, and need an emergency solution, we can help you put away and hide away those items for safe keeping 
  • Yard, porch, and deck organizing: Set up the flow, make sure the tiki torches are out and about, and be confident in how the buffet table will work around the pool. Two heads can come up with really creative solutions to address party space issues, and this bit of planning will allow you to enjoy the event too. 
  • Zone management: Where will the presents go? Where should the bar be set up? How can you make sure the guests are happy without running over each other? Do the kids and pets have a great spot to play while the adults mingle? You might not think this is what an organizer does, but it can be, and wow, it makes the pre, during, and post party times run so much more smoothly.  You will wonder how you ever got by without it.  

Whatever you are ready to do, or maybe you just need to do a trial run together so we can see if we click, this is a low risk entry point. We can even have some conversation about convincing your spouse, if you are running into that issue. Just between us, you would not be the first, and it’s easy to navigate with some of our super secret tips.

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